Hello and welcome….

… to my new genealogy blog.  I decided to use this as a way to connect with other people researching the same ancestors as myself.

I am fairly new to family history but my family tree isn’t.  My aunt started researching our family tree back in the 60s or 70s, and my parents and brother have continued; I only got bitten by the family detective bug a couple of years ago but am making up for it with enthusiasm!

I live in South Wales, but nearly all my ancestors lived in Staffordshire, the West Midlands or Cheshire, with a few cousins moving to Yorkshire or Lancashire or even to the US or Australia.  But most of my focus is on the Midlands of the UK.

I’m not quite sure at present which direction this blog will take but I hope it will find an interested audience in the blogoshere!

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  1. Martin James Swetmore

    Hello Liz I am also starting my genological family tree and your name keeps coming up as someone who might have information to my family line? Would you know or be connected to Benjamin and Sarah Swetmore? There children would be John, James,Elizabeth,george and joseph(twins) Benjamin, Mary, Ann, and Hannah.Any information would be so very much welcomed, Thanks Martin.

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