Using Twitter for Genealogy

I follow a few family history twitterers, and today one of them alerted me to a great post by Shauna Hicks, a genealogist blogging in Australia – Using Twitter for Genealogy. So now I follow several more! I’m glad of the link, because Shauna’s other blog posts are well worth reading so I’ve subscribed to her blog in Google Reader.

Up to now, I have mostly followed quilters and artists on Twitter so I’ve organised my followers into what Twitter calls Lists and now use a web based site called Seismic to read them. I was using a Firefox addon called Echofon (which used to be Twitterfox) but that doesn’t seem to allow you to read tweets from individual lists (unless I’ve missed something here).


  1. Hi Liz Thanks for your comments – interestingly my ancestors (or some of them) were from Wednesbury and West Bromwich in Staffordshire, none of the surnames match but still interesting. Regards Shauna

    • That’s interesting, small world – what surnames do you have from there? I might have some others from brothers’ and sisters’ lines whose names I haven’t mentioned …

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