Welcome to Liz’s family history blog!

Hello! My name's Liz Plummer and I have a textile arts blog over at Dreaming Spirals. I have recently got into family history research and so I decided to start a blog about it, talking about my discoveries and journey along the way. Feel free to leave a comment, especially if you are also researching any of the same surnames.

Most of my ancestors lived in Staffordshire and the West Midlands in the UK; a few wandered over from Cheshire and perhaps Shropshire. The main surnames I'm researching are: Docksey, Meredith, Hopkins, Simpson, Cooke, Swetmore, Lunn, Cooper. I'll put a full list further down the sidebar.

Canal Art Course at Black Country Living Museum

I was sent a press release about an event you might be interested in if you live in the Black Country.

•    British folk art captures boating life •    Course teaches age-old canal art tradition

Black Country Living Museum’s Canal Art for Beginners Course looks set to add colour on Saturday 16 November, [...]