Welcome to Liz’s family history blog!

Hello! My name's Liz Plummer and I have a textile arts blog over at Dreaming Spirals. I have recently got into family history research and so I decided to start a blog about it, talking about my discoveries and journey along the way. Feel free to leave a comment, especially if you are also researching any of the same surnames.

Most of my ancestors lived in Staffordshire and the West Midlands in the UK; a few wandered over from Cheshire and perhaps Shropshire. The main surnames I'm researching are: Docksey, Meredith, Hopkins, Simpson, Cooke, Swetmore, Lunn, Cooper. I'll put a full list further down the sidebar.

Ephraim Hopkins

It has been a while since I updated this blog but I suppose that the ancestors aren’t going anywhere so I might as well take my time documenting them!

Since I wrote my first blog post about William Hopkins I think I have discovered what happened to his brother Ephraim. I searched in the Find [...]

A few Hopkins photos

After he read my blog posts about William and Hannah Hopkins, my brother Dave kindly sent me a few photos that I didn’t know existed.

This one is my great grandmother Minnie Hopkins in the doorway of one of the greengrocers’ shops.  Dave said it was the Market Street, Fenton shop, but I think it might [...]